Got Groups?

Are you a hockey-mom traveling with the team for a tournament? An an administrative assistant planning a business trip for your company? Planning a destination wedding? A third party planner, or a religious group going on holiday? It doesn’t matter! If you’re traveling with a group, HopSkip is for you!

It used to be really hard to book hotel accommodations for a group. Someone had to take responsibility for the whole process — how much can we afford? Who is arriving early, who is staying longer? Which hotels have availability during those time frames? Once you figured out some possible destinations, you had to call each hotel one by one to haggle, lock in details and eventually prepare contracts. If you were savvy, you might’ve been able to negotiate a discounted group rate. If you were lucky, you didn’t forget rooms for anyone in the group.

HopSkip makes all that a thing of the past. Our online app helps you book hotel rooms for groups of all sizes, and our expert Booking Buddies do all the legwork, so you don’t have to. HopSkip is 100% free for our users — period. We do not charge you or your group for our services. Our partnerships with hotel suppliers ensure that you get the best hotel rates while we receive commissions directly from hotels for funneling business their way.

Biff Jeshop

Biff Jeshop

Biff Jeshop is an itinerant blogger, musician, corporate burn-out, and resident HopSkip scofflaw. He lives with his common-law wife and 8-ish children in an undisclosed bunker deep within the nation's interior.

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