Philadelphia Business Community Taking Notice of HopSkip

March 9, 2019, Philadelphia, PA

The Philadelphia business community appears to be taking notice of HopSkip. Fresh on the heels of the announcement about our participation in the prestigious PSL Accelerator program, the Philadelphia Business Journal published a feature about HopSkip in its Startup Spotlight column.

The PBJ column quotes founder Sean Whalin, and describes how he wanted to build a product that solves real-world problems he experienced first-hand while travelling as a management consultant.

“We want HopSkip to completely change the way groups book travel, so when they think of travel, they think of HopSkip,” said Whalin, speaking to Michell Caffrey, from the Philadelphia Business Journal.

The article goes on to describe some of the pain points HopSkip’s product solves relating to group travel, and tees up that HopSkip will be seeking an initial round of seed funding this spring and summer.

To read the article, visit:


HopSkip is a travel-technology company based in Philadelphia, PA that allows users to search, compare and book hotel accommodations for groups of all sizes.

Biff Jeshop

Biff Jeshop

Biff Jeshop is an itinerant blogger, musician, corporate burn-out, and resident HopSkip scofflaw. He lives with his common-law wife and 8-ish children in an undisclosed bunker deep within the nation's interior.

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