HopSkip sprang from an unlikely idea hatched by two lifelong friends with a love for travel. The duo saw that there was not a great tool to serve the group travel industry, so they put together a team of friends and professional acquaintances that love travel and tech as much as they do.

Their idea started to take shape as they focused on their experiences traveling with groups for work, for pleasure, for their kids travel-sports teams. It was too hard to book hotel rooms for a large group traveling together.  Booking all those rooms always fell to one person that had to call all the hotels, handle all the negotiations, handle contracts, put together a massive schedule to keep track of all the variances for who is showing up a day early, who is staying two days longer…

Inevitably, someone’s rooms were missed or the details got messed up. And the person who booked the rooms was embarrassed at best and angry at worst.

What if a tool existed to help the “planner” track all the many choices and decisions to be made? A tool that enabled her to find the best venues in the best destinations. A tool that reduced the errors and lowered her anxiety level leading up to the event.

Our team of friends with an unlikely idea asked themselves these questions, and designed HopSkip as their answer.