Author: Molly Tobin

Molly Tobin, the youngest of 3 sisters, is a Division 1 athlete serving as a midfielder on the Temple Owls Women's soccer team. Juggling the responsibilities of being an elite athlete and full-time scholar has taught Molly invaluable skills -- communication, time-management, leadership.When not studying or playing soccer, Molly enjoys relaxing at the beach, trying new restaurants in the city, and cooking for friends and family.

America’s Best Summer Vacation Spot

…appeals to travelers of all types. The city was recently voted the #1 best summer vacation spot in the USA for 2018.

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The Team Travel Tragedy

As long as I can remember, I’ve played sports. The journey from being a kid playing kickball in the backyard with my neighbors, to now playing Division 1 soccer didn’t happen overnight. Throughout the years, I’ve been on countless teams — town and club. Being on so many teams with so many different sports means […]

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