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Save Time

Personalize your hotel search to ensure only hotels that match your group’s requirements are front and center.  No need to make phone calls to hotels, just simply review hotel quotes and book your block, all with a few clicks, all in one place.

Be Confident

Stay organized as hotels provide your group rates.  Compare hotels against what’s most important to you and your group members. Make a data driven decision that the best hotel is being booked.

Stay On Track

Reminders of key dates and milestones for the group’s planner and the group’s members.  Share and communicate with your group members key information about your hotel booking.  Report back on group member attendance. 

Check Out What Some Of Our Customers Are Saying!

“HopSkip greatly helped in reducing our room rates for my company’s quarterly sales meeting by almost 10% a night! When searching for and reviewing various hotels, Our Booking Buddy Luke was responsive and able to answer all of my questions in a timely manner. Overall, the experience my company had with HopSkip was seamless and took the stress and work off my plate, allowing me to focus on the company’s priorities and look forward to working with them again for our next quarterly sales meeting!”
Larry Hartley
VP of Sales and Marketing - The Tool & Gage House
"My experience with HopSkip has been incredible. I started using their services for my dance company to help provide group hotel booking information for our national dance intensives. Utilizing Hopskip's services, has been a huge bonus and convenience for dancers/teams who attend our events. The best part about Hopskip is their customer service, follow through, and knowledge about the hotel industry. They make your experience as stress-free as possible. I highly recommend taking advantage of Hopskip services in any way you can!"
Carsen Rowe
Creative Director - TRIBE 99 Dance
“Partnering with HopSkip has given my business another tool in our belt to offer our clients who are busy with grief and funeral planning’s and don’t have the time or right mind space to go and try to book hotel rooms for their out of town family coming in to pay their respects. HopSkip allows us to offer them an easy and online way to book a room block for family members coming in to stay for their relative’s celebration of life and ease their stress”
Danny Keegan
Funeral Director - Galzerano Funeral Home

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